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The audio medium


I have been trying to find an easier and more personal way of communicating the stories associated with the pictures that I make. The written word and the motion picture medium are challenging to produce, especially when time is of the essence. So, I have been exploring the audio medium.

I’m focused on creating podcasts about travel, photography and learning new skills.

Talking about new skills, I needed to learn some myself if I am to make this a success. So first I enrolled for a short workshop on Creative Writing with Noel Keymer followed by a course on Radio Jockeying and Scripting for Radio, also with Noel Keymer.

I called on my ex schoolteacher, Ms. Sylvia Coutinho, who spent time with me working on pronunciation.

My course with Noel wrapped up on the 5th of April, 2017 with a recording of the radio scripts that I have written, an advertisement in English and Hindi, news reading and e-book narration. Each of these recordings bring out a different feel and having gone through the diversity in scripts and voice, I’m now ready to begin podcasting!

In the weeks to follow, I will update you about my podcasts. I’m available for voice-over assignments for advertisements, e-book narration, and documentaries etc.

Please listen to my recordings. This first one is a humorous music show:

The second recording is a travel show for radio:

This is an English advertisement:

An Hindi advertisement:

Presenting the NEWS in English:

E-book Narration. Name of the book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain:

Feedback is welcome!

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